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What are the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly?

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Because the elderly are old and weak, their immunity is not strong, and they are prone to various diseases. Pneumonia is a disease that is common in the elderly. Many people want to know what are the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly, so that they can do early prevention work.

Physiologically, the elderly have respiratory aging, poor immune function, and are prone to pneumonia. In addition, the elderly are prone to colds and pneumonia when the weather turns from hot to cold and the temperature difference between day and night is disparity.
In the elderly, pneumonia, it is not easy to heal, and often lead to pulmonary insufficiency or heart failure. Because of the atypical symptoms, pneumonia in the elderly is often overlooked and misdiagnosed.

Therefore, the elderly should be alert to the possibility of pneumonia if the following conditions occur.
1. after a cold, healed for a long time, and there was shortness of breath, chest tightness, purple lips and nails, accelerated pulse, and thinness.
2. patients with chronic bronchitis have increased sputum, tinge and yellow thick, and breathing faster.
3.unexplained appetite is significantly reduced, nausea, vomiting, weak limbs.
4. Unexplained lack of spirit, fatigue, fatigue or irritability, lethargy.
5. Unexplained shortness of breath, can not be supine, and lower limb edema, liver pain.
If the elderly are in the above situation, they must pay attention to it and should go to the hospital for treatment.

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